Who we are

We at indibox are in complete awe of colours, talent, handicrafts and arts from our Mother Land. We bring to you the stunning arts and crafts from across the country that come together to form our very own Rustic Indian Dreamland. Our drive to be on a constant quest to work on new collections across genres is to bring us all back to our culture ,the rich heritage and expertise that exists in India, which we feel is magical and hits the strings to our hearts. We aspire to transform these age old beautiful traditions into apparels, home furnishings, décor, accents, fashion accessories and stationery that are relevant to today’s chic and vibrant age. We believe everything is energy and that makes us work on our products with extreme love and care.

What we love

We love the smell of the Earth when it rains and the freedom that we feel when we are in the mountains or by the sea. Our love is alike for the new as well as the old, but is most alive when best of both the worlds meet. We get intrigued by things and people with a soul and a purpose. We wish to inspire as well as be inspired by beautiful souls. We are at our happiest when we dance and sway with the winds and lose ourselves in Nature. We relish different cuisines and food from across the world. We feel a sense of nostalgia as well as aspiration when we see simple, effortless and tasteful décor or apparels from across the world, and you might s us lusting over few pages on Social media if you spot us at a coffee shop.

We care

We care for and respect Mother Earth, all the resources and all forms of life alike and stand clear with a philosophy of unity with one and all. The arts and crafts of India are fading away as every Multinational invests into India and the youth is moving away from our beautiful culture. We intend to assist these artisans and communities flourish and get the abundance and support that they deserve. We stand for Fair Trade and keep true to the principles of fair wages, honest treatment of customers and concern for the environment which are the pillars of integrity that we lay first at indibox.